Explore Bali the Virgin Beaches and Natural Beauty

260Bali – the beautiful island of virgin beaches is the pride of Indonesia tourism where Mother Nature has left something for romantic couples and honeymooners to indulge in different romantic activities and to spend time in the most tranquil environment. The beautiful island is renowned across the globe as the last paradise for good reasons. There are numerous photographic destinations and images from this exotic land have filled people the world over with dreams of that perfect holiday – bringing together sun, sand, waves and world-class luxury that you hardly find anywhere else. Not to mention the volcanic mountains, lush green forest ranges and unexplored gateways that leave one spell bound and fascinated into the world of luxury.

Bali – Untouched Virgin Beaches Making Perfect Settings for Romance and Honeymoon
Choose the best bali honeymoon packages and stay in the most luxurious and beautiful beach resorts of the world draped in an air of romance and immaculate beaches that wash away all your woes have played a major role in this little island’s immense popularity. You may find a number of honeymoon destination, but no one stand equal to Bali where beaches have been rated on par with the Mediterranean wonders of Greece and its delectable cuisines. Not to mention spa and massage centers, beach site restaurants, bars, clubs and natural sites. Alila Ubud, Jimbaran Bay, Seminyak are some of the world’s most beautiful destinations to keep one surprised and spell bound.

Refresh Yourself by Exploring Natural Beauty and Enjoying Adventure Sports
Walking along the beaches, just indulge to pamper yourself in spas, enjoy the real tasty sea food or the food of your choice, spend time in a bar or club in night, plenty of options are available to fulfill your desire. You can find something interesting for you beaches or in the greenery that is much required to make the sense of romance complete. Not to mention lots of opportunities for adventure tours and water sports. You will have a better option to spend more time without worrying about high prices as people think to spend during holidays overseas.

International Tour Operators – Fulfilling Your Desire for Affordable Honeymoon Tour
Reaching the right international tour operators is one of the right decisions to make to book Indonesia tour packages especially romantic Bali for fun and celebration at virgin beaches and islands that are full of greenery and natural beauty.

The main and added benefit of advance booking is that you don’t have to bother for anything like pick and drop from nearby airport, taxi services, sightseeing, multi-cuisine food and some complementary services. You get assistance at every step; while save some goo amount of money that is often spent on last minute hotel deal and other services.  However, credibility and previous record of the tour operator matters a lot. You can also ask Simons Holidays for customized tour packages with something special in your tour plan.

See the beauty of Bali and Jakarta

259Travelling is fun, isn’t it? It is adventurous for everyone especially for those who like to explore the nature’s creation and like to visit different parts of the world.

Talking about the locations and sites, Indonesia is considered to be the largest and a famous archipelago in the entire world. It has got more than 17000 islands in total. It is always good idea to plan a huge holiday or tour to this place.

What is the beauty of this region all about?

Well, located in Southeast Asia, the region is all washed by Pacific and Indian Ocean. The nature gives the smoothening effect and is covered all by majestic volcanoes, tropical rainforests and lagoons. The unique culture of the place with reserves of nature and excellent resorts makes the entire package quite a wonderful experience to have.

The largest city of Indonesia i.e., Jakarta is situated on the northwest coast and it is known for mixture of buildings from old 17th century.

Which is the most developed tourist area of the region?

Well, the region is called Bali and the administrative center Denpasar is surprisingly very quiet city. The area has got aroma of nature with many small buildings portraying the traditional architecture with constant shining sun adding on the charm. The island has also got an international airport that is the main transport hub of the place.

There are temples and some superb resorts that make Bali a superb place. All this make visiting the place a nice reason for all the travelers to travel to such a beautiful site.

How to enjoy a hassle free trip to all these beautiful places?

There are few tips that all the tourists should remember to have a hassle free experience:

•    To maintain the sensitivity of the culture, it is very important to dress conservatively. It is very important to maintain the piousness of the temples, churches and mosques.

•    Before entering any other country, passport should be valid for 6 months after entering the region. Other formalities like visa maintenance are very important to be considered.

•    The local currency of the region is IDR. It is always suggested to take some small notes to local shops. The money handling can be easily done by using ATMs.

•    Health is other matter of concern and while travelling, dehydration and sunburns are quite common. So in the tropical climate, it is good to have the protection of sun block.

•    Do take bottled water to prevent any health risks.

•    Tour package in Bali can be more exciting when the travelers have packed all the stuff carefully. To maintain the security, always ensure that there is no expensive jewelry or other items.

To get the best tour packages, one can use online web portal for details.