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Gynecomastia Treatments -What Are The Options?

When you are suffering from enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia, you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about your condition. Not only does this condition affect a person’s perspective on himself, many times it also comes with a health issue. However there are treatments available for those who are seeking a remedy.

When people speak of gynecomastia treatment, they usually refer to a costly surgery that many insurance companies refuse because it is regarded as cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, there are millions of men with enlarged breasts associated with this condition who are left with no better options of removing those man boobs. In case you or someone you know is going through the difficulties and embarrassment caused by gynecomastia, you should be aware of the possible treatments available. To understand your options better, continue reading this guide to available gynecomastia treatments.

On Options: My Rationale Explained

Among the many things a person who has gynecomastia can do is have an exercise regimen. If you recall Richard Simmons who is a fitness guru, he suffered from gynecomastia in his early life and which led him to his running career. Just keep in mind that the exercise must be chosen correctly and done properly because it may worsen the condition. Remember to ask your doctor for any exercise suggestion or recommendations.
Getting Down To Basics with Remedies

The second choice to treating gynecomastia is a surgical treatment referred to as liposuction. This form of treatment has immediate results although it rarely lasts. This is because patients who undergo this surgical treatment rarely has the patience to stick with the diet and exercise routine that should be done after the surgery. There are also patients whose physical predisposition to the condition is higher than others so while they faithfully stick wit the diet and exercise, their breasts still get bigger. This form of treatment is not always recommended because it also poses danger from infection. The third treatment form available is weight loss, and many who suffer from gynecomastia think it is helpful although it not certainly infallible. There are patients whose gynecomastia is caused by glandular issues, so losing weight will not solve the problem. The effect of weight loss may be unsightly as the excess tissue in the chest area can look saggy.

The fourth available option for treating gynecomastia is hormone therapy. This form of treatment may be most effective for patients whose condition is the result of glandular disorder. However this treatment also has side effects. Androgen hormones like testosterone is usually prescribed in this treatment.

Treatment of gynecomastia can take time and different methods. A single treatment will not be effective to every person. Researching on your own and reading materials such as this can help you learn about gynecomastia treatment better, thus also finding the most effective treatment you can avail of.